At J & H Painting, we believe that craftsmanship should be a thing of the future, not of the past.  We are constantly striving to refine and improve our process, whether it be a new coating or a new tool to help us more efficiently complete your project.

We would like to provide your best painting experience.

Over 20 Years Serving the Quad Cities!

How Did You Get Into Painting?

Over the past 23 years J & H Painting has developed long-lasting relationships with our clients throughout the Quad Cities & surrounding area, some of which have been with us since inception.  This reflects our clients’ appreciation for superior service, craftsmanship, and our goal to provide an overall excellent experience.

Founder, Heath McCullough, grew up watching his great-grandfather paint homes and businesses.  His great-grandfather instilled in him the value of hard work, a thorough job, and the basic foundational skills of a good paint job. 

As Heath began working more independently, he realized not only the satisfaction of doing what he loved, but that he was also able to channel his creative nature. 

Still today, Heath enjoys meeting new clients and working closely with them to guide them through the process of creating their vision for their particular project.  Heath is very involved in each and every project, beginning with the initial contact, estimate, color consultation, and throughout the duration of the project.  Typically, we are the final step in your project, and we take pride in making sure every last detail is taken care of.

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